Anti Harassment Cell

Composition of Women Cell   :

Coordinator:       Dr. Pallavi M. Chaudhari - 9823188468
Co-Coordinator:    Prof. Gouri P. Halde - 9420182873
Members:       All Heads of the Dept. (Ladies H.O.D. only)

Scope Of Women Cell    :

  • To create awareness amongst girl students about the problems faced by girl students.
  • To create an environment of gender justice where girls and boys study together with a sense of personal security and dignity.
  • To disseminate knowledge about rights and laws related to girls/women.
  • To create a sense of responsibility in the students and have healthy study and work culture in the college.
  • To enhance the self-esteem and self-confidence of girl students and women faculty in the college.
  • To provide opportunities to girl students and women employees to participate in and interact at conferences/workshops etc. related to gender issue.

Proposed Activity    :

    Workshop on “Developing Leadership skills in Engineering Girl students?.

    Anti-Harassment Workshop